From work comes calm…

Well it has certainly been an interesting few weeks! I am starting to wrap up the whirlwind of projects that I started all over the house. My way of dealing with things being out of whack is to stay busy. Busy enough to get you so tired you just drop into bed. By doing this you do not have to think about what is going on. This has been my MO forever. Luckily, I have a very understanding husband who lets me run my course. He knows that eventually I will slow down and accept what is going on around us and deal with it. I am at that point! I am so grateful and humbled to live in a country where people risk their own health to care for others and keep our country going. Cheers to all of the doctors, nurses, aids, grocery store workers, postal service, delivery service, sanitation workers and the many others that keep us going through this crisis. Thank you!

As I promised I will keep writing my Blog, with the hopes that it brings you a little distraction in this strange time! Here we go! I am going to show you how the upstairs hallway has come out. This is the hallway that began with re-organizing the linen closet and then painting all the doors from black to white. It somehow morphed to include painting the ceiling, walls, touching up crown molding, baseboard, door jams and changing light fixtures. Yeah, I know!

IMG_6478 Before I started to paint the doors, I made sure to sand any areas that may show. In this case the new door knob is smaller so I sanded down where the previous one was.

IMG_6479 I also looked for drips that may have happened previously and sanded them out.

IMG_6481 After sanding it was nice and even. Ready for painting!

IMG_6482 (2) I prepped the doors using Kilz All-Purpose primer. Painting two coats on both sides.


IMG_5624 I then painted with Behr interior eggshell enamel ultra pure white paint. I also put two coats on each side.

IMG_6476 I reused the hinges on the doors. I had to rough them up with steel wool to help the paint adhere. Then sprayed them with Rustoleum black satin enamel paint.

IMG_6477 Reusing the hinges works because they really aren’t touched that often. Reusing and painting the door knobs is another story ( I speak from experience). I tried it once and it kept peeling and chipping from the use. Nothing ventured as they say!

IMG_6555 (2) Speaking of doorknobs, who knew that there are so many different types of doorknobs?

I chose privacy door knobs for the bedrooms and bath. They have push button locks and a pin key.

IMG_6527 I put this painting at the top of the stairway. I am not showing you the actual stairs yet because they are not finished.

IMG_6521 (2) This is the view of the hallway from the stairs.

IMG_6533 (2) This was a picture wall, but I wanted to add some interest. These shutters were in my dining room and I decided to use them as a backdrop.

IMG_6516 (2) The colors in the shutter work perfectly with the new paint color.

IMG_6522 (2) I also added these to the hallway. Again I took them from another room.

IMG_6525 (3) There is a great story to these pictures. I purchased them from Target a long time ago. The actual picture was just mounted on a board and framed with no glass. I was moving it one day and it fell and broke and could not be repaired. I really loved them so I looked for a frame to fit it. The problem was it had to be a square frame and there were none off the shelf that I could find. I went to Michael’s and the price tag was to high to custom frame them. When I was leaving, I saw a cork board with a square frame. It would work perfectly as a frame. I went back to person I had been working with and showed her the frame. She said it would work. I ordered mats and asked if she would be able to put it together,  and she said yes. I took the frames home and painted them both black. I went back to Michael’s and she put them together for me no charge. I love them even more than I did before!

IMG_6564 (2) The other thing I changed was the lighting. We have had this fixture from the day we moved in. I have always disliked it. I would like to say they have been in the garage and that is why they are dusty. Unfortunately, this is not the case. They are a nightmare to clean and I put it off until we have guests that will go upstairs.

IMG_6410 I found this ceiling fixture at Home Depot a few weeks ago. It was only $9.00. I bought two and I thought they couldn’t be any worse than what I had.

IMG_6403 I painted them black to go with the black door knobs. After installing the light I turned it on and was blown away. I could not believe how pretty they were!

IMG_6534 (2) I love the way the light plays on the walls.

IMG_6529 (2) I kept coming upstairs to look at the light!

IMG_6553 (3) Just like when I look in the organized closet and it gives me satisfaction, so does the hallway now. It gives me a calm feeling every time I come upstairs. Right now I need calm!

One master bedroom dresser complete!

If you were celebrating Passover or Easter I hope you adjusted to our new normal and found ways to be thankful and connect (Zoom, Google hangout, etc) with family and friends. For many years, we have hosted an Easter dinner for ten or more people. This year, it would have included my younger son Kevin, his girlfriend, my mother-in-law Audrey and our dear friends the Kamp’s who have celebrated Easter with us for at least a dozen years. Add in myself, my husband Matt and oldest son Brian and it would have been a wonderful group. Even though we could not all be together, I found comfort in the fact everyone is healthy and we were able to connect on Zoom. My husband is an amazing cook and even though it was just the three of us, he cooked enough for ten or more. I am not complaining we will feast on ham, lasagna and mashed potatoes the entire week! Yum!

This week I continued to work on the dresser for the master bedroom. As I was refinishing it, I found a mark inside one of the drawers. After my husband and I researched it online, we found that the trademark on the piece (see below) dates back to 1923. It turns out that Limbert Furniture was a very reputable manufacturer of quality furniture. No pressure!


IMG_6375 (2) Because I stripped the top of dresser and drawers last week. I was able to start sanding right away. I used 220 grit sandpaper and a setting of 3 on the sander.

IMG_6376 (2)                       These are all three drawers after sanding. The color is beautiful!

IMG_6386 (2)       I like the color of the natural mahogany wood so much I am not adding any stain.

IMG_6467 (2) I put three coats of Minwax Polycrylic protective finish on the top of dresser and drawers.

IMG_6466 (2) I decided to paint the body of the dresser with Annie Sloan Versailles Chalk Paint. It has a green under tone that I though would go well with the red in the wood.

IMG_6388 (2)                      I used a small brush to do the areas nearest to the refinished top.

IMG_6396 (2)                                     See how close the edge is to the top.

IMG_6406 (2)                          You can really see the green under tones in this picture.

IMG_6399 I was worried that leaving the top and drawers wood would still make it heavy for the room. But, the details like the scalloped bottom soften the piece.

IMG_6430 (2)                  After the chalk paint is dry. I apply Annie Sloan clear wax to seal it.

IMG_6426 (2)                            I prefer a brush to apply the wax it gives a more even coat.

IMG_6428 (2) I work in small sections. First, applying the wax then wiping to get any excess wax off.

IMG_6429 I took another rag and wiped it all again making sure there were no areas that felt tacky.

IMG_6431                                  The next step is using dark wax to give it an aged look.

IMG_6432 Using the same brush I used for the clear wax, I dip it in the dark wax taking a very tiny amount of wax at a time.

IMG_6433                             It is much easier to add more dark wax than to take off .

IMG_6435                                 Put the dark wax where it would naturally wear.

IMG_6414 (2)

After the dresser was complete, I turned my attention to the hardware. It was too dark in its present state. I wanted to get an aged patina look. I pulled out all my Annie Sloan paints and went to work.

IMG_6421 (3)         I started with Annie Sloan Provence chalk paint. It has the look of copper patina.

IMG_6422 (2) I then brushed on the color I used on the body of the dresser. Annie Sloan Versailles chalk paint.

IMG_6423 Once they were dry. I took a slightly damp cloth and began to wipe the paint away revealing the metal underneath.

IMG_6424 (2) I did this method with all the pulls and then finished it by putting a little clear and dark wax on each.

IMG_6439                                                   This is how it looks on the dresser.

IMG_6446 (2)               This is the finished piece. It fits right in the room now. No more heavy feeling.

IMG_6445 (2)                                It looks great with the mirror I refinished a while ago.

IMG_6450 (2)

IMG_6458                                      This side view shows how the dark wax aged it.

IMG_6465 (2) In case you forgot what it looked like before. This is matching highboy the next beast I will be tackling!

Going Rogue!

I hope this Blog finds everyone well and safe! With everything that is going on, many of us are finding we have some newly found time on our hands. I, for one, can be dangerous with freed up time! Anyone who knows me can attest to this (especially my husband). I seemed to have started several projects at once! I started to work on the walls in the family, paint our black interior doors white, and began to refinish the furniture in our master bedroom. Whew!

IMG_6297 (2) The first thing that had to be done was mud the walls. When the wainscoting was removed there was some damage done.

IMG_6296 (2) This compound is used when drywalling. You put it on the walls. When it dries you sand it smooth.

Before sanding I took all the furniture out and put plastic up in entrance. It kept the dust from going throughout the house.

IMG_6336 (2)           Its time to paint! I love these paint pants, I have had them for years (can you tell)!

I chose Behr paint in Moth Gray! Its a Greige color.

IMG_6344 (2) I always start by cutting in under the crown molding. I made a little video to show you my technique. (see below) Warning: Video contains no makeup and crazy hair.

IMG_6341 (2) Using the extension rod really makes painting a lot easier. No getting up and down a ladder and my arm does not ache from constantly reaching up.

IMG_6346 (2) I think it came out great! I really love the color. Who knew “Moth Gray” could be so pretty!

I only painted the top portion of the wall I am going to do something else with the bottom ( to be continued).

Painting the doors!

The left door is how the linen closet used to look and the right is what it looks like now. I was not sure about changing my black doors. I have had them a long time and truly love them. I saw a picture in a magazine of a white door with a black knob and wanted to try it. I am still not sure. I like them both. Let me know what you think!

This is the dresser I am refinishing. It was my husband’s grandmother’s. It was given to us shortly after we were married. We like the piece, but it is dark for the direction we are going in the master bedroom.

IMG_6309 (2) I used Klean Strip to remove old stain.

IMG_6313 Many years of buildup to get through!

IMG_6327 (2) After a couple rounds with the stripper, I use Klean Strip mineral spirits to get the rest of the residue.

IMG_6326 (2) I use steel wool with mineral spirits to loosen everything.

IMG_6329 (2) Wipe it away with a clean rag.

IMG_6333 (2) One of the drawers had a medallion on it. It was glued on and the stripper dissolve the glue. I just used a putty knife to get the rest off.

I would say it has been a very productive week. The family room top half of the walls are done. One of my black doors is done, and I am still deciding about the rest. My bedroom dresser is stripped and ready to sand. I guess I will not want for something to do next week!

Painting the ceiling ( not a job I love!)

There are jobs everyone hates to do. Cleaning the bathroom, picking up dog doo doo, cleaning litter boxes etc. I am in the process of doing a job I hate to do. Painting a ceiling! Usually, I paint ceilings every few years. Unless, someone tried to knock a spider off the ceiling with a shoe. Which is what happened in this case! Besides, craning your neck, or having paint drip in your hair, the most frustrating part is losing track of where you already painted. If the ceiling you are painting is white and the paint is white, when it starts to dry and it is very difficult to keep track of where you left off. Because of this, I came up with a system to help keep me straight!

IMG_6299 Here is said footprint on the ceiling. I did try to clean it but being a matte finish it is hard to get out.

IMG_6259                          My choice of paint: Behr interior ultra pure white ceiling paint.

IMG_6265      I love this little gadget! It fits right into the paint can and when you pour, it doesn’t  drip.

IMG_6256               Plastic on the floor, a roller and pole extension so I can reach ceiling.

IMG_6252 It is hard to see, which is why I use this system in the first place. I start in the corner and push my roller above the molding making sure I get the paint right up to the edge. I will do this for about a foot.

IMG_6263 I then go the length of the room staying in that foot line. Then repeat the process going back and forth the entire length until the ceiling is done.

IMG_6260 After I am done I do not clean up until the entire ceiling is dry. This way if I missed a spot I will not have to take everything out again.

IMG_6250 (2)          After painting the ceiling I went around and painted the ceiling molding.

That is about all I did this week. I was feeling under the weather. It turns out I have a sinus infection. I was able to get an antibiotic and am feeling better. Just need to rest up a few days!

Next step in the family room is to mud the walls in preparation for a new wall treatment. They were damaged in some parts from removing the wainscoting.

Stay well everyone!

Continuing to do what I do!

It is strange writing a Blog at a time like this. Things are changing everyday. I worry about what lays ahead of us in the following months. Not only for myself, family and friends, but for everyone affected by closings, loss of employment, individuals that are in the vulnerable population and the isolation of social distancing. The only thing we can do is keep moving forward! Taking one day at a time! I will keep writing, creating and sharing it all with you. In doing so I hope it will provide a little distraction!

I have been home from work since Monday. Our school closed last week and will remain closed until it is safe for students and staff to return. To keep myself busy I started to tear my house apart. I don’t mean in the deep cleaning since, I mean literally tearing it apart!

IMG_6240 (2) I started by removing the medallions on the risers on our staircase. I put them on many years ago and it was time for a change.

IMG_6113 (2)                               They were glued on so I carefully removed them.

IMG_6111 (2) I used the side of the hammer so I could keep it at a straight angle. This prevented any gouging of the wood.

IMG_6114 (3) Here we are! I still have to sand the risers. Once that is done I want to paint them white. I am also going to try refinishing the treads myself. Wish me luck!

IMG_6203 (2)             Next on the agenda was removing the wainscoting in our family room.

IMG_6205 (2) Removing the wainscoting was pretty easy. It was fun seeing the previous looks this room has had. I remember this stripe. It was hand painted and took forever!!

IMG_6207 (2)             I was able to save the bead board and hope to use it in the powder room.

After all the bead board was removed. It was now on to the baseboard.

IMG_6223 (2)                                             First I took off the shoe molding.

IMG_6229 (2)

I then tackled the baseboard. It turned out to be a bear! The hardwood floor was put in after the wainscoting was already on. It made it difficult to get leverage to pull the nails out.

IMG_6225 (2)           I had to get creative in order to reach the nails. I took the blade out of a hacksaw.

IMG_6226 (2)               By removing the blade I was able to reach the nail and saw it in half.

IMG_6238 This is the cut nail. It took longer than I thought it would. I was able to remove the baseboard, but it took over three hours!

IMG_6242 (2)                                                                No more base board.

I thought it would be fun to show you the rest of my house. Yikes! I am not worried, I will take it one day at a time and get it done!

I hope everyone will take moments to breath, reach out to family and friends via technology, play with your children, take a walk, read a book and enjoy the time together!


Taking back the linen closet!

I tackled my linen closet today. It is one of those things I have put off and put off and put off! Maybe I was hoping elves would come along and do it for me. No such luck! I call it a linen closet, but it no longer resembles one. It has become a catch all place with a few sheets thrown in. I really try to avoid it if I can. When I do go in there I grab what I need and get out quick. My plan of avoidance was foiled when someone left the linen closet door open. I came upstairs and got a full frontal assault. The view was not pretty and could no longer be ignored! So began my Sunday of cleaning, painting and organizing my linen closet.

IMG_6104 (3) This is the door that should have remained closed.

IMG_6105 (2) I was not kidding! I cringed at the thought of all of you seeing this mess. But for the sake of the post, full disclosure is needed!

IMG_6106 (2) Luckily, the shelves could be removed.

IMG_6108 (2) Once everything was out, I gave it a good cleaning.

IMG_6107 (2) When I removed the shelves I made sure to number them. This was a precaution in case there is a slight difference in size and each fit only in the original spot.

IMG_6133 (2) I painted the sides and shelves with Behr Pure White paint. The back of the cabinet was painted with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint.

IMG_6127 (2) The Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint gave the back wall a suede look.

IMG_6147 (2) In the past, if I did not put shelf liner on the shelves it would scratch the paint. I found this liner at the Dollar Store last week.

IMG_6152 (2) I stapled it to the underside to hold it in place. You do not have to do this, but I find it prevents puckering.

IMG_6193 (2) Of course I wanted to use pretty baskets and containers to house everything I wanted to store. I purchased four of these baskets at Homegoods at a great price!

IMG_6191 (2) I purchased two of these also. Love the print!

IMG_6188 (2) I like this one too! It has a lid so you can stack things on top.

IMG_6198 (2) I already had these glass containers. I tried to use them for sugar and flour at one time but they did not keep moisture out and the sugar lumped together. I fished them out and put soap, Q-tips and eventually cotton balls will go in the third one when I get to the store.

IMG_6173 (2) Here it is! So much better than it was before!

IMG_6178 (3) I really like the way the glass jars look and so glad I can finally use them!

IMG_6176 (2) I purchased the wire basket at Homegoods. It makes it easier to get a roll of toilet paper.

I really like the way it came out. Now when I go upstairs, if the door happens to get left  open, I will stand there and admire how it looks!

Guest Artist: Laura Abbott

I have been playing around with an idea for the Blog ever since I wrote about The Rochester Public Market and The George Eastman House. I received such positive feedback for each of these posts, it made me think I should do more of this kind of entry. Starting with this post, I am going to try to write about local artists, cultural events, historic sites and anything else that may be fun. I am not sure about the frequency of this kind of feature. It will be more research than my normal posts . With my work, family, weekly Blog schedule it will most likely be quarterly.

Today, I want to introduce all of you to someone I think is an extremely talented artist. Her name is Laura Abbott. After art school, Laura began her career teaching art. She taught in many places. New Hampshire, Syracuse area, and of course here in the Rochester region to name a few. She gives private lessons and has been a staple in the Fairport Canal Days festival as a face painter for over 20 years. Laura’s style is unique. She does not limit herself to one medium. She is always trying different ways to express herself artistically. In her words “Chefs will try new recipes, business men and women embrace new technology, hairstylists use new products, all to expand their knowledge. It is the same with art. Trying different mediums and techniques can only help to make you a better artist!”

I went to Laura’s home to discuss the Blog. As soon as you walk into her home you can tell someone with an artistic eye lives there. Her home is filled with an eclectic array of artwork, found items and heirlooms all working together to form a warm and inviting space. After showing me around her home pointing out the different art projects she had done and her works in progress. We settled on two to share with you. Zentangles Animals, and a watercolor painting she is currently working on.

As I stated before Laura is continually looking for ways to expand herself artistically. She had always wanted to try watercolor painting. When she found a class, that was being taught, by Kathy Armstrong an artist whose work she admired. She signed up!

peony 1 (2) Each student in the class picked a photo to work from. Laura chose a Peony.

IMG_6014 (2) She then drew the image on newsprint paper using a grid technique. She lightly mark the paper with squares. She said using this technique helps to keep your picture in proportion. Once this is done she then transfers it onto watercolor paper.

IMG_5987 (2) Once the picture is drawn on the paper, the real fun began, as she started to fill in with color!

IMG_5988 (2) Using a paint pallet, she meticulously brings the painting to life through shading and highlighting.

laura artist (2) Here is Laura with her finished watercolor painting. It is so beautiful, can you believe this is her first time using watercolor. Amazing!!

The second project was inspired by Zentagles. Laura had been looking for something to give her grand nieces and nephews as gifts. She decided to make art pieces for each using Zentagle patterns and their favorite animals.

zentangle (2) This is an example of the patterns.

laura 1 (2) She found images online of animals that her grand nieces and nephews liked. She then drew a contour line drawing,

laura (2)

Using the original drawing as reference, she divided it up into logical pieces-like muscles, fins, ears, legs-depending on the animal. The choices are endless for patterns and colors, so that part is what makes it special. She then chose a pattern for each part, outlined it with Micron Pen and added color with Prismacolor pencils. Wow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the other pieces she did! Lucky nieces and nephews! I love them all, but my favorite is the cow!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Laura! I am excited about this new feature in the Blog. I can not wait to find the next person, place or thing to share with you!



Slow going, but Progess!

Progress on the master bedroom has slowed down. My schedule has been pretty crammed. I have not been able to set aside time to work on the bedroom. I have had projects put on the back burner before. In those cases, I was able to tuck them out of sight. The problem with this project is I sleep in it every night. I face the unfinished bedroom on a daily basis! Of course when I am lying in bed I am thinking about what things I want to do next. Not very conducive to a good nights sleep. On the bright side, I was able to work on window treatments this weekend. I want to hang drapery on either side of the roman shades. I have beautiful white linen draperies from Pottery Barn that I have been using in our room for years. However, white will not work with the material I chose for the roman shades. So, I decided to dye them! I remember my mother dying items in our washing machine when I was younger. I went to the RIT dye website and it guided me every step of the way. It even has a color chart for mixing dyes.

faux 5IMG_5797 (2)

Just to get everyone up to speed first I built the faux window to create symmetry. Then made roman blinds for each using Aubusson Aegeon fabric, by Richloom.

IMG_6080 (2) These are the drapes. I was definitely nervous because I really like them.

IMG_6082 (2)  I took out the hem. I want to hang them high to give the illusion of tall ceilings..

IMG_6020 (2) I chose teal RIT dye. The directions said to fill the washer with hot water, add dye (in my case two bottles), one cup of salt and a teaspoon of dish soap.

IMG_6021 (2) Once everything is mixed together, you add the drapes. They suggest 30 minutes in the dye bath. If you want a darker color you can go up to an hour. After 30 minutes stop the wash and start regular machine cycle with detergent. Once done, you put them in the dryer. To clean the washer after, add two cups of bleach to hot water, machine cycle with a couple old towels. It was really easy and no mess.

IMG_6022 (2) After they were dry I ironed them and got them ready to hang.

IMG_6101 (2) I originally was going to hang a single drape on each side. Once I had them up I thought it needed the center panel also.

drapes 1 I am so happy I am still able to use the Pottery Barn Drapes. They came out beautifully!  Who knew using dye was so easy!

Next on the agenda is buying or making a headboard, new bedding, and painting our existing bedroom furniture.

Entertaining in a small space?

This weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with my best gal pals and their spouses. My husband had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I would like to celebrate with my friends. As always, my husband said done! He put together an amazing evening of fun, food, friends, my sons Brian, Kevin and his girlfriend Kristen, and of course my wonderful husband. The plan was to have a sit down dinner for all. Of course the menu would be amazing. My husband was in charge of that. So there would be something for everyone’s tastes, it consisted of lasagna, roast pork tenderloins with cherry sauce, healthy Greek chicken kabobs, maple mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon and a nice tossed salad with homemade honey mustard dressing. He also baked two cakes, one chocolate and one white cake (the white one is my favorite). With the menu planned we had to figure out how to seat 17 people in a space that just isn’t build for it. Yikes!!

IMG_2690 This is our dining room. I love it, but it would not hold seventeen people!

fam room adj 1 This is our family room. So what do you do to seat seventeen people? You move all the furniture around in your house.

IMG_6026 (2) We moved the family room furniture into the dining room. I have to say I am loving the wall color and chandelier with this furniture!

IMG_6025 (2) I even found a place for the new wine cabinet!

IMG_6035 (2) Then we moved the dining room furniture into the family room. We also added another table I had already refinished and voila! Seating for seventeen!

IMG_6040 (2) It also pays off when you refinish furniture and you have seventeen chairs available to you. It was a perfect solution to accommodate the seventeen people. It really was not that hard especially when you have two grown sons to help move the furniture!

Reimagined Music Cabinet!

I have made great progress on the Music Cabinet and I am very excited to share the results! In the last post, I painted it with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint and gilded the inside back wall with gold leafing.

IMG_5633 When I painted I kept the grooved slats in case I might have a use for them. After finalizing my design concept, I decided to remove them.

IMG_5698 Once the slats were removed I touched up the paint and gold leaf. I liked the result, but it drew your eye to the uneven gilded edges on the back corners.

IMG_5692 I looked around the garage and found some quarter round molding and thought it might do the trick. I cut it to size and painted it with Annie Sloan Athenian Black to match the  cabinet.

IMG_5809 (3) I glued the quarter round  pieces into place and immediately knew it was the right decision.  It created the clean line I was looking for.

IMG_5824 When I started working on this piece, I knew I wanted it to be a wine cabinet. I went back and forth about how the wine would be stored. I thought about an x design “wine rack” built into the cabinet, but I wanted the wine bottles to create interest and become part of the design. I settled on individual shelves running across the width and each shelf would hold five bottles. So, I cut six 1 x 1 pieces of wood that I used as support for the three shelves.

IMG_5825 (2) Once in place, I painted them with the Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk paint.

IMG_5827 (2) I used 12 x 1 select pine for the shelves. Again, painting with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint.

IMG_5838 (2) I needed something to keep the wine bottles from moving on the shelf, so I added four half rounds to each shelf to accommodate the bottles.

IMG_5689 I already had these knobs from another project and thought they would be perfect. I painted them (wait for it) with Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint.

IMG_5781 I needed to bring the gold from inside the cabinet to the outside. I turned to one of my favorite items, Craft Smart metallic wax.

IMG_5782 I used my finger to apply the wax. It has a creamy texture and goes on like butter.

IMG_5783 Use small amounts when applying and gently touch it with your finger.

IMG_5785 Continuing with a light touch, I went over the raised pattern on the top of knob. It highlighted the detail beautifully!

IMG_5786 (2) Love it!

music 6 (2) The finished piece! Going with a dark color and removing the original filigree detailing on the drawer gave it a more dramatic look!

music 1 (2) We did not have enough wine on hand to fill it, but for the wine enthusiast, it will hold fifteen bottles.

music-6 The gold leafing inside gives you a surprise when you open it!

music-7 I love the way it shimmers behind the glassware.

music-8 Doing the shelves this way creates more interest and breaks up the negative space.

music 9

I was not certain that just having gold wax on the knobs would be enough. I am glad I went with my gut though. I think it warms up the outside and gives a hint of what is happening on the inside.

music 8 I got this copper pot at a garage sale for two dollars. (random information, but this is the first time I am using it.) It is so pretty, it was worthy of a plug!

music 6 (2) Originally, I did not like this piece. The more ornate detailing that it came with just did not fit my vision. Once I streamlined it by removing the intricate designs, it was game on! Welcome to the world Reimagined Bar Cabinet!!