Amazing Results Using Iron Orchid Designs Rose Toile Stamps!

Amazing Results Using Iron Orchid Designs Rose Toile Stamps!

In a previous post, I remarked that my morning routine consists of eating breakfast and watching You Tube Videos. On one of those mornings, I came upon a video from Iron Orchid Designs. The video demonstrated how to use their Rose Toile Stamps on a plain Terra Cotta pot. The pot came out beautifully, so I decided to try it for myself. Alas, when I went to purchase the Rose Toile Stamps, they were sold out and wouldn’t be in for months. Obviously, I was not the only one who saw the video!

Months later, after being restocked, I purchased them from The Purple Painted Lady. I was thrilled and could not wait to use them

See the source image

In the video, Josie, from Iron Orchid Designs was using a photo of this pattern called Flow Blue. She wanted to recreate the beautiful blurred almost ethereal look of it.

I started out with two plain Terra Cotta pots

I used a two to one mixture of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint and water. You want it to be opaque when it goes on and keep layering until you get the look you want.

To keep the pot from moving while using the stamp, I braced it in a plastic container.

Isn’t this pattern dreamy!

I used Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint. It is very similar to the blue color used on the Flow Blue Patterned plate.

I used a sponge paint roller to prep the Chalk Paint for application. By the way, the block I am pouring the paint onto is the sample piece of granite from my Mother-in-law’s bathroom vanity.

This is what the actual stamp looks like.

Simply roll the paint on the stamp.

Line it up where you want it.

Lay it down gently in place.

Hold it with one hand and press lightly with the other.

Not bad for a first try!

Immediately after I laid the stamp, I took a damp cloth and started patting back and forth using a slight twisting motion. This is how I got the blurred background.

I kept repeating the process until I could no longer see the image. This part is important. If you leave any of the image, it creates a double vision pattern which you do not want.

Once this was done, I was ready to stamp the area again.

This is when I started to get excited!

After the initial stamp was complete and knew I could do it, I went around the pot stamping and creating a pattern. I continued to use the blurring method, but tried various other ways to use the stamps. It was fun!

When the pots were dry, I gave each of them a light sanding and wiped off the dust with a moist cloth.

I was very happy with the results!

I purposely, did not paint the inside lower halves of the pots so they could be used as a planter.

I plan on making more of these pots to put in my booth at the Purple Painted Lady Festival!

One Hundred Posts And Counting!

Two years ago, when I started my Blog, I could not have imagined writing one hundred posts! I still remember my first post. I was nervous about sharing something so personal. I kept thinking, “What if they don’t like it?” To my great pleasure, you did like my posts. Your wonderful comments encouraged me to keep going. But, the one thing that puts me over the top is when you say that I inspired you to try something new and creative. It is all that I hoped for with my Blog!

To celebrate one hundred posts, I have put together a little retrospective of my work. I chose from each of my creative interests: gardening/landscaping, furniture transformations and design. I hope you enjoy looking back with me!


I had to start with my very first post. I built a rock wall in our back yard. It was backbreaking work, but so worth it. I am happy to say it is still home to many of our wildlife friends. Say hello to “Mr. Woodchuck”.

I like this post, because I took an eyesore and made it work to my benefit. I hung lanterns down the entire length and made bushel basket flower pockets to hang in between each lantern


This is one of my favorite transformations. I was able to take a beat up old table and bring it back to its former glory with a little something extra. So satisfying!

This post was about a labor of love. I had been looking for French chairs for years. I found these eight chairs on Craigslist. I painstakingly stripped and sanded them. I love these chairs! They are everything I wanted and more!

I needed a utility sink for our new laundry room. I found this sink and transformed it. All of you helped me choose between black or yellow as the base color. Yellow won out!

In this post, I used a faux cement medium to transform old outdated items into beautiful pieces.


The posts about the addition/renovation were exciting to do. I was able to design a room from top to bottom and take you along on the journey. You all even helped choose the wallpaper for my powder room!

Another favorite addition/renovation post was the laundry room.

This post was about refreshing our master bedroom. I like it because it shows how you can update using paint.

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Of course, I could not leave out my amazing experience as a vendor in the Purple Painted Lady Festival. Not to mention meeting Annie Sloan!

It was such a great experience. I was sad when it was canceled in 2020 because of Covid-19. But, I am happy to say there will be a Purple Painted Lady Festival on September 18th and 19th 2021, and I will be a vendor in it again!

Topiary In Your Landscape Design!

I am what you might call an enthusiastic gardener. My garden was created purely by trial an error, mostly, error. Each spring when everything would start to bloom, I would move the plants around until It became esthetically pleasing to me. Inevitably, the blooms would die out and I was left with a bare spots. I made good use of garden ornaments and annuals. It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided to leave well enough alone. That year my garden looked better than It ever had. Lesson learned. Have patience. This is something, I admit I need to be better at.

In my attempt to become a better gardener, I have been watching You Tube videos. The knowledge available out there is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are many sources to choose from, I am currently watching a lot of Linda Vater. She has been gardening for thirty years and is a self taught. There are two reasons I enjoy watching her videos. One, she admits not knowing what she was doing in the beginning and learned by trial and error (sounds familiar). Second, she has an English Garden, which is a kind of informal in style. This appeals to me, since I am instinctually drawn to how something looks and feels, rather than following a detailed plan.

One thing I love about Linda Vater’s garden is her many topiaries. I have always wanted to have topiaries, but had no idea how to create one. After watching her on You Tube, I have made an attempt at creating my own topiaries for my front stoop.

Image result for linda vater topiary

This is Linda Vater. You should check her out on You Tube. I left a link to a video tutorial of hers at the end of the post.

Image result for linda vater topiary

This are some of the topiaries she has throughout her garden. I love all the different textures and shapes.

Hopefully, mine will eventually look like the one on the lower right.

These are the two boxwoods I used to make my topiaries. Both were moved during the addition/renovation to protect them from harm. I decided to use them as Guinea Pigs. If I mutilated them at least It hadn’t cost me anything.

Here we go. I have no idea what I am doing!

The first one done. It looked pretty scrawny to me.

I added some plants around the bottom to fill out the container.

At this point, we just have to wait and see how it will look after everything grows out. Fingers crossed!

Number two!

Overall I enjoyed the process. I still think they look like Charlie Brown Christmas trees, but I am starting to feel a real affection for them. I will nurture them and keep you updated on their progress.

Here is the link to the Linda Vater video. I hope her video and my attempt will encourage you to try creating a Topiary too!

If you have any Topiary tips or stories of your garden trial and error, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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FYI: This is the reason I did not show the topiaries on the front stoop. We are still waiting for them to come to grade our front and back yard from the work that was done. They will also be reseeding and fixing the steps. Oh well! On the bright side maybe as my topiaries become beautiful they will detract from this sight?

Kitchen Cabinet/Pantry Organizing Tips!

A few weeks ago, I posted about my new pantry and how I organized it. The response was great. People loved the organizing ideas and how pretty everything looked. I also had people ask, “what could they do if they did not have a large pantry?” I am so glad someone asked this question. I did it for years, taking advantage of every inch of my kitchen. I am excited to show you how to achieve the same organization in a small space and I promise it will be just as pretty!

This was a small utility closet I used as a pantry for years. The shelves were less than twelve inches wide. Which meant I had to get very creative with the space.

This was before I found the “Home Edit” and labels. But, I did add pretty contact paper (a feature I threw my back out with).

These containers allowed me to have more items on each shelf. They stack together letting me take advantage of the vertical space.

I used two containers for my baking needs, placing one atop of the other. I just pulled out the containers when I baked and everything I needed was right there.

I also used wire shelving for my canned goods. It gave me storage on top and underneath.

I decided to go a little further and demonstrate how to do a smaller pantry by using another space in my kitchen. The space is eighty inches tall and twenty-four inches wide. The shelves inside are twenty-one inches long and eleven inches deep. I used a lot of the items in my existing pantry to show you that any space you use can be organized and look good at the same time.

I repeated the same thing I did in my pantry, but on a smaller scale.

In my pantry, I have white lettered labels from “Talented Kitchen” on the front of the containers. To make more room in this space, I needed to place the containers with the sides facing out. I taped labels on the side of each container to give you an idea of what it would look like.

In my house, we eat a lot of salads. I took one of the plastic containers and filled it with everything I might put on a salad. It makes it very convenient when preparing dinner. Take it out, put your salad together, then put it back.

You can take this same concept and use it in other ways. Fill it with snacks for kids. Put all the ingredients you use to make a meal, like sauce and pasta to make a spaghetti dinner.

The next organizing tip is one I absolutely love! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of spices. Most of which have red tops. This makes it difficult to find the spice you are looking for, which leads to buying more spices that you already have.

I ordered a set of twenty-four glass spice jars and spice labels from, Aozita.

I transferred all my spices (including doubles) into the glass containers.

Then I put these wonderful large labels on them.

I put mine in a drawer in my kitchen. But, you can put them on a Lazy Susan in the pantry.

How awesome is this! Oh, you need some Thyme, well there it is! Do we need to buy more garlic powder? No we do not, the jar is full! Oh Yeah!

I was able to create organized sections for: baking , cereal, grouped items (dinners, salads etc.), canned goods, spices, snacks and vegetables.

This type of organization can make your life a little easier. Having everything in one place, clearly marked with see through containers, is a game changer. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can take some of these ideas and implement them in your home. I promise it will make you smile every time you look at it!

Front Room Reveal Part Two!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about reclaiming our front room after using it to store everything and anything during our addition/renovation. Part of the process was revamping and styling an antique hutch that had belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I was very pleased with the results. Of course I did not stop there. I decided to keep going. I ended that post with a promise to revisit the front room when I was finished redecorating.

Like with the china cabinet, I wanted to update the mantle and built-in shelves. It had been the same style for a long while and I was ready for a change. Of course, as anyone knows who has done remodeling, when it is nearing the end, so too are the funds required to make more changes. With a very tight budget I took the challenge. First, I shopped my house, then I hit the road to find some bargains!

What we were using our front room for during the addition/renovation.

Starting to put it all back together.

The reimagined shelves and mantle unit.

I moved the large urns from the top of the mantle to the shelf. These urns were a Pottery Barn purchase. I make it a rule to never pay full price for anything I buy at Pottery Barn. I check Pottery Barn clearance items regularly. It took two years, but these urns finally went on sale. Lucky for me, our mantle and shelves are wider than most. Because of this, I was able to purchase the larger urns which happened to be an additional twenty percent off!

To replace the urns, I moved the candlesticks from the floor in front of the fireplace, to the top of the mantle. The candle sticks were also a Pottery Barn purchase. I found these a few years ago on a reduced price shelf. I picked them up (very heavy solid pieces) and could not believe the price. I was not the only one who thought so. When I got to the register the sales person looked at me and said, “Wow, these are a great price at eighteen dollars a piece”!

I now needed something that would balance out the large urns. I hunted around the house trying a myriad of items. Everything I tried was dwarfed by the urns. It was time to shop!

When I shop for bargains, the first thing I do is change my mindset. I start perusing the aisles looking in every section. I open my mind and look at the color, shape and size of an item rather than what is was meant to be used for. I’ll give you an example of what I mean. Every time I go shopping, I pass the pet area and think, wouldn’t a dog bed make a perfect floor pillow. I know your laughing, but why not? They are made for the floor, come in a variety of shapes and colors and are very comfortable ( if my kids were younger I would totally use this idea). Best of all, the price is probably a lot less than an actual floor pillow. Do me a favor, next time you are shopping check out the pet section and see what I mean.

Back to shopping! First stop, Good Will. They had some very nice items, but nothing large enough. Next, Home Goods. This is a great place to think outside the box. They have a wide variety of items to choose from. When I shop, I walk around and touch things, often picking them up and imagining it in my space. I was doing just that, when I found a large outdoor tray. It was made of woven rattan with melamine shell on the inside. The design of the melamine was beautiful. The size and color were right and it did not look like an outdoor tray. It looked like a high end piece of décor. The cost was just $15 each. I picked up two and headed home to try them.

Woven rattan base.

Melamine shell inside.

I love it! Look how it picks up the color in the little girl’s hat in my Mary Cassatt print (I purchased the print for a dollar at a rummage sale and had it framed at Michael’s ).

Two more bargains. First, the large crock. I found this on the side of the road in our neighborhood. I asked the neighbor if they were throwing it away. The answer was yes! I immediately picked up this very heavy piece and toted it home. So worth it!

The clock which is actually two pieces. The lantern I found at Good Will for five dollars and the clock was purchased at the At Home store in Henrietta N.Y, for $10. I originally had the lantern on the sofa table. It looked okay, but it needed something else. I thought of a candle, but the lantern was too narrow. I kept looking and that is when I saw the clock. It fit perfectly. The only thing I had to do was paint the clock with a gray wash paint to tone down the gold.

See how narrow it is.

Just a touch of gray wash toned it right down.

I know I showed the hutch in a post a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to show you how I added light. I loved the way the hutch turned out, but it was dark inside the shelves and made it difficult to see the items. I looked at adding lighting, but you would have to cut the hutch to install and that was not an option. Someone mentioned puck lighting to me. I researched it and it seemed like the right answer. I ordered a pack of six black puck lights.

The pucks run on three AA batteries and come with a remote to turn them on and off.

The pucks have three different light settings.

How cool is that!

I accomplished everything I wanted too. Put the room back together and gave it a refresh at the same time!

Starting To Put The Outside Back Together!

When they started the addition/renovation, I knew the inside of the house would be turned upside down, but never considered what would happen to the outside. I guess I should have picked up on how it was going to get torn up when my contractor advised me to move any plants and bushes I wanted to save from the sides and back of our house. I am very grateful for that tip. I was able to save everything!

It did get pretty messy but things are now looking up. They are coming to grade (making sure the slope of yard drains away from your house). He will also roll the lawn and fill in areas that were trashed during construction. The bright side of all of this is we get to redesign our landscaping. We are also changing the direction of the walkway leading from the front of our house to the driveway. Something I have wanted to do forever!

The right side of the house, where all the large trucks accessed the backyard.

The left side of the house, where the egress window was relocated. We also had drainage issues that had to be addressed. They had to rip up our pipes because tree roots clogged it up. This is what probably caused our flooded basement. But that’s another story for another time. Lucky for us, they only had to dig to the front of the house and not to the road. Which would have been right through my garden.

The backyard was also torn up from all the trucks.

There used to be a sliding door here. We removed the door and replaced it with a window. It makes the perfect niche for a garden. I am an amateur at best, so I will definitely be reaching out for garden ideas.

The front stoop was damaged when the new roof was put on. This is something else on the list of things to do!

The walkway we want to move. I want to scoot it over about one to two feet to the right. It will give me more room for landscaping.

Of course I was up before anyone else and started to move the pavers by myself. I managed to move two on my own and flip four more. When one also most dropped on my foot, I decided to wait for help.

Here is a question for all my gardeners out there. When the new walkway is moved, I would love to make the dwarf lilac bush on the right side of the steps the center of my new landscape. Have any of you moved a mature bush before? If so, did it survive?

My poor front garden. I did nothing to it last year during construction and have not gotten to it yet this year. Has anyone else’s garden exploded with new growth? I am not sure if it has anything to do with the weather or that I did nothing to it last year.

I am going to share my new mantra! Take it slow. Everything does not have to be done at once! I hope this works. I know myself and my tendency to work until everything is done. But, after this strange year, I want to stop and smell the roses as they say!

Take it slow, everything does not have to be done at once!

Take it slow, everything does not have to be done at once!

Take it slow, everything does not have to be done at once!

Hopefully, if I see it enough it will sink in!

If you have gardening tips to share, leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you!

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China Cabinet Makeover and Styling!

Did you ever avoid something hoping it would go away? That is how I felt about my front room. During our addition/renovation it was a dumping ground for anything and everything. We really had no choice. It was one of the only rooms not touched by the renovation. Given that, we now have ample room to store everything. I had no excuses left. Time to face the music!

I started by clearing away items that did not belong . I made three piles keep, give away or toss. It was a great feeling to start getting things in order! After everything was cleared out. It was time for a thorough cleaning. I wiped walls, cleaned windows, took the drapes down to have cleaned, and used my Little Green Machine upholstery cleaner on the sofa. The room was looking great. Next up, I pulled everything off the shelves and inside the cabinets for a good dusting. When I was finished, I looked at everything I had taken out and my mind started to wander into its “lets try that mode”. Usually, not a good sign! If I was not me, I would have been done. Just put everything back on the shelves and call it a day. But, that is not how I roll. I wanted to change things up. Everything was already out. What better time than now. Or, I could have read a book, had a glass of wine or dare I say relax. Ha, ha, who am I kidding!

This piece was my husband’s grandmother’s. I like it, but it has always been hard to style. The bubbled glass makes it almost impossible to see anything inside.

I told you my mind was wandering. Deciding to take the doors off had nothing to do with my husband (remember it was his grandmother’s) not being home. Or did it?

What a difference a door (coming off) makes! First, it looks less formal. Second, you can see what is inside.

I could not wait to style it. Oh the possibilities!

I had no intention of painting or changing the integrity of the piece, but the space where the hinges had been had to be addressed. To remedy this problem, I used acrylic paints to camouflage the area.

This pitcher was actually my husband’s grandmother’s also. I thought it apropos to put it front and center!

Next, came pieces from Pottery Barn. The indigo color pulls out the same in the pitcher!

I thought there was too much blue vertically, so I moved them horizontally. The shelf that is bothering people who like symmetry (like me) did get adjusted. I did not notice it until the final picture.

I continued to get my inspiration from the pitcher. I hunted around the house for green and found this bowl from Pottery Barn.

I pulled this from my family room. I thought the green accent and wood tones would work perfectly.

I really liked where this was going. The only issue I had, was running out of decorative pieces.

I started to scour the whole house when I came upon Melamine plates from Pottery Barn (I do love my Pottery Barn). I was using them as wall art.

That was the answer. You can’t even tell it is melamine.

This was the first time I was able to fully display items and see them. Love it!

I finished the look with the mother and child statue and two vases.

Done you say? Not! My wandering mind did not stop there.

I also want to revamp the mantle and adjoining shelves.

From past experience. This is going to take awhile. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Good Will Items Transformed!

A few weeks ago, I tried a faux cement treatment using chalk paint. I used items I purchased at Good Will and was blown away with the results. It not only took outdated items and made them relevant, it transformed them into something beautiful! After that success, I found myself looking around my house for more items to use the technique on. At that point I knew I had better get to Good Will. Not only to find more pieces but to keep me from raiding my house.

My Good Will run brought me a pitcher and four glass bottles with detailed etching.

My first project was the pitcher. I had purchased Iron Orchid Designs letter stamps from the Purple Painted Lady and was excited to try them!

I thought of stamping the pitcher using an ink pad, but went with DAS modeling clay instead.

The clay is very pliable and easy to roll out. As you can see, I used the bottle from the Waverly Chalk Paint as a rolling pin.

I was shopping in Home Goods looking around for inspiration for the sign. I came across pieces done by the artist Rae Dunn. I love her stuff. It is simplistic and right to the point. An example: she has plates with the words, eat, savor, enjoy. I wanted to use the same simplistic approach on the pitcher. I thought about a lot of options, but settled on the word “POUR”. Simple and straight to the point!

I used Gorilla Glue to adhere it to the pitcher.

I was able to move it around to center it before the glue dried.

I waited 24 hours for the clay to dry. Then put on the first coat.

I applied a second coat and let it dry over night.

Next I painted on Waverly White Wax and wiped it off with a paper towel. I was very pleased with the results. The sign was sticking up a little so I sanded it. I really liked how it was looking, so I kept going. Sometimes when you try and fix something it turns out really cool!

Onto the bottles. Each one had an an interesting result.

I wanted to see what black chalk paint looked like using the cement technique. I mixed Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint with baking soda.

It went on thicker than the Waverly Chalk paint. I liked the texture it created so I did not water it down.

I couldn’t wait to put the Waverly White Wax on. Just imagine how it will look with that texture!

Love, Love Love this! I will definitely do this again.

Again, I was excited to see how the white wax picked up the etchings in the glass.

Unfortunately, I did not get the progress of these pieces. I started with faux cement technique using Waverly Mineral Chalk Paint mixed with baking soda. I then used Waverly White Wax. It looked good, but the etchings were not as prominent as I had wanted. To enhance the detailing, I wiped on Annie Sloan Black Wax. Immediately everything popped!

For this piece, I used the Waverly Mineral Chalk Paint and baking soda mixture.

Once the Waverly White Wax was added, the raised detailing was enhanced. The texture feels amazing!

These candle holders didn’t get away from my perusing eye as I was scanning my house. Although, what was I thinking with the red!

I used the Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral and baking soda mixture on both of them.

I added Waverly White Wax to both. But, like the bottle, it did not bring out the details.

To help highlight the areas. I used Annie Sloan Black Wax.

This is how they looked after the black wax. The color is gorgeous the light and dark grays give it depth!

The dark and white wax worked together to make these candle holders into something special!

I made another trip to Good Will and found even more great items!

I plan on using the Iron Orchid Crockery Stamps on these items. Unfortunately, the stamps are not available until the end of May. If you are looking for Iron Orchid Designs items, The Purple Painted Lady in Macedon N.Y sells them!

I will be selling all of these items and more at the Purple Painted Lady Festival September 18th and 19th!

Pantry Reveal!

My pantry is done! I have to say it was quite an ordeal. Not because of the work involved. It was the opinions of everyone in the household. The pantry has been a dream of mine for a long time. I wanted it be functional and pretty, but the males in the house did not seem to understand the pretty part!

The best creative scenario for me is when I am alone. I can think clearly, adjust and work things through. With the pantry being in the hub of the home (the kitchen), that is not how it played out. During the entire process of putting the pantry together, there were questions, questions and more questions. My son asked me if he could keep his cereal in the box so he tell which cereal it was. I told him I would cut the name from the box (Home Edit trick) and tuck it in the back of container so he would know which cereal it was (although I think you can tell the difference between Frosted Flakes and Cheerios). My mother-in-law would ask me about where I was trying out spots for different items. This happened several times with several different items. Every time, I would tell her that I did not know, because I was working through the process. Things have also been moved. My husband moved the toaster next to the Keurig and smoothie maker. This space is meant to be a coffee bar area. The toaster makes it too tight. But we compromised. I moved it from the coffee bar to a more accessible area. It became apparent to me that I would have to finish the rest when everyone was not there. I worked last night after everyone went to bed and this morning when everyone was asleep. I was finally able to complete the pantry at my own pace without any questions!

While I was working in the pantry I did ask myself a question. Was I being unfair to the males in my family for not being excited over a well organized and pretty pantry? What do you think? I would love to hear other opinions.

My pretty pantry! Everything is categorized. First shelf baking , second is canned goods and dinner items, bottom is for breakfast, snacks and treats.

I am glad I went with the white lettering instead of black.

I honestly think taking everything out of the packaging gives you more room. Using containers and being able to stack them on top of one another is also a plus.

The solution to my son’s dilemma… I cut the name of the crackers off the box and put it in the back of the container. I did the same thing with chocolate chips except I cut out the Toll House Cookie recipe.

When we were planning the pantry, I asked them to put in an outlet because I knew I wanted a coffee bar in the pantry.

This is the spot for the Keurig and smoothie maker. There really wasn’t enough room for the toaster. I did however find a more convenient spot with room for bagels and bread right next to it.

I now have room to store all my entertaining items. Extra plates, glassware and platters.

Having the pantry will cause a domino effect for storage in the house. By moving the entertaining serve-ware to the pantry, it will free up storage down in the basement. We can also move extra linens to the basement closet to give us more room in the linen closet and be better organized upstairs too. Yeah!

Don’t tell the men in my family, but the refrigerator is next!

New Pantry! How To Organize?

Like most people, I have never had enough storage in my kitchen. Unlike most people, I have dreams of the perfect pantry. I have held dinner parties in my mind’s pantry with Ina Garten, Martha Stewart and recently Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of “The Home Edit”. We dined, laughed and played games of “How Fast Can You Find An Item Stored In The Pantry”. Of course, Martha always won!

My dream has finally come true! Not the part about dining with all my heroes, but having a pantry! In our new addition /renovation, we managed to fit a pantry into the design. It is more space than I had ever had for storage in my entire adult life. Before, there was no rhyme or reason to how I stored things. I just put them where ever they would fit. With this new space, I want to organize it with a place for everything. The strategy being, it will be returned to said spot every time! When the time came to start organizing, I realized I had no idea where to begin. Where should I put canned goods, dry goods, paper goods, entertaining items, seasonal etc. etc.? After I sat down and did some deep breathing with a glass of wine, I remembered seeing a show on Netflix called the “The Home Edit”. The duo, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, are organizing guru’s. They travel all over helping people take control of their homes. Lucky for me, one of their specialties is organizing pantries! They also wrote a book about what they do “The Home Edit”. I ordered the book and it did not disappoint. It had great ideas on organizing and guidelines to follow. Yeah!

The book that will help me organize my new pantry!

Here is a picture of one of the pantries they have done. It gives me chills!

As far as the design of the pantry I knew I wanted a lot of space on the top shelf to house all my extra dishes, glasses, platters used for entertaining. I also wanted enough space from the bottom shelf to the floor for paper products, water, and back up supplies. Look at all that space. I will never again run out of paper towels!

I had asked for an outlet in the pantry so I could have a coffee station. We ran into a little problem. The outlet for the coffee maker is below the shelf and the plug will not reach. We will have to drill a hole through the shelf and feed the plug through. I actually think this change will be better. It will give us more room!

We added a brace in the middle of the shelves when my husband saw everything I wanted to put on the top shelf.

Just one more coat of paint and the shelves are finished!

My coffee bar! We still have to drill a hole for the plug. I also want to get hooks to hang the coffee cups and storage to hold the Keurig coffee pods.

This is why we needed a brace for the shelves. Believe it or not there is more!

My budget for new storage containers is limited, so I have been looking for deals. I got the larger basket at Goodwill and the three smaller ones at Target. I will be heading back to Goodwill this weekend. I always see glass containers there and hope to come home with some!

Next week… another pantry update, maybe even a reveal!