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Welcome to our home!

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Front Room

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We always wanted a fireplace so we decided to put in a faux one. It not only looks good, we have a great place for stockings!


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When we first put the wainscoting up, we were surprised at what a difference it made in blocking out sound from other rooms in the house.  This room became our go to place when our boys were small and we needed some down time in a quiet and peaceful place!


Living Room1 5-7-19
I picked this print up at a rummage sale for one $1. I invested in matting and a frame and now we have a Mary Cassett print that would have been double the price elsewhere. If something moves you or catches your eye, get it… because you will probably regret it later if you don’t.


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The hutch in this picture was Matt’s grandmothers. It’s beautiful, but finding a place for it in our home proved difficult because of its size.  I am a visual person and need to see something in place before I make a decision.  Not everyone is on board when it comes to moving  furniture all over. Usually I will wait until everyone is gone and get to work. In this case the hutch goes past the window frame just a tiny bit, but the drapes go behind and you can’t even tell.


Dining Room

I saw these blue lanterns in a shop and I just knew I had to have them. I had no idea where I was going to put them, but our buffet was large enough to support their size.

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I always wanted white cabinets in my kitchen. When we originally moved in, they were dark wood and the doors had been refaced years before. I decided to paint them using the Rustoleum Cabinet Restoration kit. The process took six months, but it was worth it. Ten years later, they still look great!

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Family Room

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I have been looking for a rug in the family room for a long time. My family likes it with no rug because it makes it easier to move furniture around on movie nights.

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