My first garden was a small patch of dirt under my forsythia bush. It has since tripled in size and I have added a few more gardens around our home. It wasn’t easy. I tried to do my gardens the way I decorate the house, by moving things around until I like what I see. This method did not translate well with plants. By not giving them enough time to grow and reach their full potential, it left my garden stunted.  I had to become more patient. A hard concept for someone who is “impulsively creative” (shameless plug). Along with giving the garden time to mature, I also purchased some gardening books. They helped with my garden design and plant choices. I will never be a master gardener, but I am definitely getting better by sticking with tried and true plants and bushes… and giving them time to flourish.

full garden 3
My original garden under our Forsythia only reached out about 12 inches.



One thing I have taken from decorating my home to my garden is adding architectural detail. As you can see in my garden pictures, I added a weathered chair and a statue of a  little girl. Items like these give the garden depth and interest making them more visually pleasing.





I will also pick up things that have been left as trash on the side of the road…like this whirly bird roof vent.  I haven’t figured out how to use this yet, but I love the way it spins in the wind.
cart 1
I got this cart and bench at a garage sale. I plan on using them in the back yard in front of the rock wall.

bench 1