More addition updates!

I was suppose to reveal the pantry door, but a lot happen this week and I was not able to finish it.  First, our sump pump failed and the basement flooded. Luckily, my husband was still up and noticed the water. He woke me up and we cleaned up the mess until 2:30 in the morning. The water emergency team came the next day and left a bunch of powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We got used to the noise by adjusting the sound on the television and not speaking to someone unless they were in front of you. As I stated in the last post the framers came in and took down a wall. They also constructed the outline of the pantry, powder room and my office! It is so exciting to finally get an idea of each room and its size. No door today, but I will show you what the framers did and some ideas I have for the spaces.

IMG_7434 (2) The closet on the right will be removed and moved into this space. By doing this there will be more room as you enter the house.

IMG_7431 This is my office the desk fits perfectly! I am not sure how I am going to decorate the office. Below are a couple photos I was drawn to.

See the source image

In this one I like the piece behind the desk. I would love something like that to hold all my things.

See the source image I like the soft cream and white color palette in this office. I also love the chandelier!

IMG_7435 (2) This will be the new powder room. In order to connect the new addition to our house we had to get rid of our existing powder room. In here I know I want wallpaper. I have narrowed it down to two choices.

]See the source image Scandi Flora wallpaper in graphite, by Sarah Richardson

Priano Wallpaper, by Serena and Lily. Both of these wallpapers are outside my comfort zone, but I really wanted to try something different!

IMG_7440 Lastly, is the pantry where my door goes! Here I know I would like storage, storage, storage!

See the source image This is what I am talking about! It will be amazing to have everything in one place.

Can not wait to share what happens next with you!

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