Addition update and fun renovation buys!

If you did not know it already, people in construction work very hard. The different crews we have had working on our new addition usually arrive around 7:30 am and leave between 4:30 and 5:00 pm. Each group has a specific task to perform in order for the next group to take over. The excavator dug out the hole with precision detail, so the masonry group could put in foundation footings, build a cinder block wall and pour a concrete slab for the crawl space. After they were done, the framers came and put in two huge steel I-beams, floor joists and sub-flooring. They framers came back today and started putting up walls. They said the trusses are coming on Wednesday. I was not sure what a Truss was, so I looked it up.  Definition: A framework, typically consisting of rafters, posts, and struts, supporting a roof, bridge, or other structure. I thought that was a little confusing so I included a picture below.

Roof Truss_1

IMG_6959     Excavator (my husbands lawn was so nice)

IMG_7025 Concrete came for foundation footings.

IMG_7022 All smoothed out.

matts photos 4

Foundation wall built.

Next came the crew for the concrete crawl space floor. It was a sight to see. They worked fast spreading the concrete evenly over the space. (Did I mention it was over ninety degrees that day, whew!) They used a really cool machine to even it out. They also got down on their hands and knees to do the corners. Did I mention they work hard! The attention to detail and pride in their work really shows!

matt photos 2

Never saw such a beautiful concrete floor!

IMG_7155 Lumber delivered for framing!

IMG_7160 Two I-beams had to be installed.

IMG_7163 So cool!

IMG_7172 The I-beam was too big.

IMG_7175 Not a problem, they just cut the cinder block so it fit right.

IMG_7209 Fits like a glove now!

IMG_7186 I-beam number two. Nearly 40 feet long.

IMG_7210 Ready for the floor joists.

IMG_7213 In case you did not know what a floor joist was ( I did not). Floor joists are used to give support to a floor, that is over an open area. In our case a crawl space.

IMG_7219 I give you floor joists.

IMG_7216 Next step sub floors.

matt house photos

Sub floor done, the walls come next!

IMG_7222 (2) You always hear them say on HGTV shows once the walls are in you can visualize the space. Let me tell you its true!!

IMG_7224 (2) See, I know he just walked into my mother-in-laws room through the door way.

Today was a fun day! Not only were there walls going up, I was finally able to go to ReHouse Architectural Salvage in Rochester, N.Y.  I love architectural salvage and really want to try and bring some into the renovation. I was looking for large corbels for the kitchen island. I did not find corbels, but I did find a 100 year old cast iron utility sink and a gorgeous frame.

IMG_7233 (2)IMG_7230 (2)

I have been looking for a utility sink forever. They are really hard to find and the really good ones are just too expensive to buy new. I will be using it in the laundry room. When we were designing to addition, I was able to eek out a space in the laundry room to paint my furniture. I really wanted a deep durable sink to wash my brushes. I love that it is old and has been used for 100 years. Don’t worry I will make it sooo cute! Wait and see!

IMG_7229 (2) I plan on putting a mirror in the frame and using it in the powder room. I am not sure if I am going to refinish it or leave it as is. Once the mirror is in that should help me decide.

So much going on. So exciting! Stay tuned!


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