Taking back the linen closet!

I tackled my linen closet today. It is one of those things I have put off and put off and put off! Maybe I was hoping elves would come along and do it for me. No such luck! I call it a linen closet, but it no longer resembles one. It has become a catch all place with a few sheets thrown in. I really try to avoid it if I can. When I do go in there I grab what I need and get out quick. My plan of avoidance was foiled when someone left the linen closet door open. I came upstairs and got a full frontal assault. The view was not pretty and could no longer be ignored! So began my Sunday of cleaning, painting and organizing my linen closet.

IMG_6104 (3) This is the door that should have remained closed.

IMG_6105 (2) I was not kidding! I cringed at the thought of all of you seeing this mess. But for the sake of the post, full disclosure is needed!

IMG_6106 (2) Luckily, the shelves could be removed.

IMG_6108 (2) Once everything was out, I gave it a good cleaning.

IMG_6107 (2) When I removed the shelves I made sure to number them. This was a precaution in case there is a slight difference in size and each fit only in the original spot.

IMG_6133 (2) I painted the sides and shelves with Behr Pure White paint. The back of the cabinet was painted with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint.

IMG_6127 (2) The Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint gave the back wall a suede look.

IMG_6147 (2) In the past, if I did not put shelf liner on the shelves it would scratch the paint. I found this liner at the Dollar Store last week.

IMG_6152 (2) I stapled it to the underside to hold it in place. You do not have to do this, but I find it prevents puckering.

IMG_6193 (2) Of course I wanted to use pretty baskets and containers to house everything I wanted to store. I purchased four of these baskets at Homegoods at a great price!

IMG_6191 (2) I purchased two of these also. Love the print!

IMG_6188 (2) I like this one too! It has a lid so you can stack things on top.

IMG_6198 (2) I already had these glass containers. I tried to use them for sugar and flour at one time but they did not keep moisture out and the sugar lumped together. I fished them out and put soap, Q-tips and eventually cotton balls will go in the third one when I get to the store.

IMG_6173 (2) Here it is! So much better than it was before!

IMG_6178 (3) I really like the way the glass jars look and so glad I can finally use them!

IMG_6176 (2) I purchased the wire basket at Homegoods. It makes it easier to get a roll of toilet paper.

I really like the way it came out. Now when I go upstairs, if the door happens to get left  open, I will stand there and admire how it looks!

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