Hopefully, clearing up my last post!

We were hit with a big snowstorm Thursday evening into Friday. As a result, I and the rest of the Fairport School district had a snow day! I decided to take advantage of the bonus day and work on my roman blinds. Before I go any further though I wanted to address the faux window in our master bedroom. My husband and I were talking and I mentioned that the last post I did on our bedroom “Return to the Master Bedroom” did not have a lot of response. My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, said maybe your readers couldn’t see the same vision you had. I went back to the post and looked at it again and realized he was right. It looked like molding on a wall in the shape of a window looking into the abyss. I hope today’s post will clear up where I was going with this project.

If you have been following my Blog you know that I changed directions concerning the faux window a few times. I really want to make it work so we can keep our new bedroom arrangement which makes the room seem so much bigger. So I keep plugging along and if it is a fail, then it’s a fail. I will never be afraid to show you my failures, and I assure you there have been many. These failures often lead me to something better. So I will keep pushing the boundaries and see where it takes me and hopefully you’ll come along for the ride!

faux 5 This is from “Return to the Master Bedroom” post. In the future, I will try and make the direction I am going in on these projects more clear.

IMG_5707 (2) Cutting the fabric for this project is a little more involved than usual. In this case I need to cut both panels exactly the same since they will be hanging next to each other and the pattern needs to match up.

IMG_5712 (2) The width of the window measures 35 1/2 inches. I added 4 inches more inches for seam allowances and begin to cut. I wanted the large medallion in the pattern to be centered in the middle of the shade. I divided 39 1/2 inches found the center point on the medallion and made my cuts.

IMG_5717 (2) Before I add the lining I make sure both panels line up.

IMG_5719 (2) Its a match! What a relief!

IMG_5714 I cut the lining 2 inches shorter so I can bring the fabric over the liner. This way you will not be able to see the liner from the front of shade.

IMG_5741 (2) Before I sew up the seams, I take it to the window to check measurements. I learned the hard way by having to rip seams out in the past because it didn’t fit.

IMG_5797 (2) This is the result. I still have work to do on the shade I want to add a draw cord. I have never done that before so I want to take my time with it. I will say you really can’t tell which is the faux and which is real.

IMG_5790 (2) The one next to the picture is the faux if you wanted to know!

window sunlight This is a picture of the view from our bedroom. My plan is to have this blown up to fit the faux window. If it works I am hoping when I raise the shade it will look like the view outside. I am going to wait until the snow melts so the picture can be used year round.

Our bedroom is coming along. I am excited about the window and will be tackling other projects in the coming months. These include, adding crown molding, refinishing the wood floor, painting our existing furniture to give it a whole new look and finding new bedding. Its a lot, but doing it in steps will make it less overwhelming!

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