This time of year inspires me. Everything has turned green and my mind is full of projects that I have dreamt about all winter!

My first project was to build a rock wall at the back of our yard. As luck would have it, the farm that is next to our property has rocks aplenty.  With the permission of the farmer I got to work…








Pull…then repeat and repeat and repeat…

IMG_3086After many hours of back breaking work, the rock wall is complete! When I look out my kitchen window and see my original vision in front of me, it’s an amazing feeling.  I almost want to break out into a dance, except I am too tired and sore!

whole rock wall


IMG_3065 (2)

We already decided it was fruitless to plant a garden in the back since it is home to so many of our friends.  Bunnies, squirrels, deer and woodchucks.  So it is going to be wildlife friendly!


IMG_3053 (2)
Mr. Woodchuck seems to like the rock wall too!



IMG_2968 (2)
The squirrels already found the feeder we put out for them.  I just hope he doesn’t fall in!


Next time: What to do with a six foot privacy fence that spans your entire yard?


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