Easter Table Decorating Ideas!

When I woke up this morning, it was -6 degrees outside. My plan today was to play around with Easter table settings using spring decor I thrifted last week. I decided to go ahead with my plan and not let the frigid weather discourage me.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and even though it was -6 degrees outside, it made me think of Spring!

The first thing I did was iron my tablecloth.

It is so big I have to lay it on the table and pull it forward as I go. If there is an easier way, I would love to hear it.

I wanted a vase of flowers for the center of the table but did not want to go to the store to get some. I remembered I had some faux flowers in my stash and used those.

They were to long for the short vase I wanted to use so I used a wire cutter to trim them.

I cut three then taped them together.

Centerpiece taken care of… check!

To tie the flowers and vase together with the tablecloth, I placed them on the green tray I also thrifted last week.

I could not resist these bunnies at the thrift store. They are adorable.

I found four of these ceramic eggs and really liked them, but did not like the yellow bow it originally had, so I painted them gold.

I like the napkin tucked under the charger. It gives your guests easy access and looks nice.

Next, the bunnies and plates

glassware and silverware.

Here is the result!

I love the green and blue color palette it reminds me of spring.

I am really looking forward to using this design for Easter dinner this year!

Good Will Finds 2023 And How I Styled Them!

You know the days where everything seems to be aligned in your favor. Well, that happened to me on one of my visits to Good Will. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was something I could not pass up. Best of all, I did not have to fix, paint or tweak any of the pieces. They were great just the way they were!

Wait until you see what I found!

I will admit that I passed these vases up the first time. They were beautifully had painted, but I was not a fan of the content on the front.

I went home and told my mother-in-law Audrey about them, and she said just turn them around. I was lucky enough to go back and find both vases and purchased them for $10. This is the backside of the vases, and she was right.

I fell in love with this plate the minute I saw it. I have seen plates like this at Good Will, but never with detailing like this.

What do you see when you look at these?

I saw bookends but as it turns out they are shelves.

A woman was carrying this tray around and I was bummed that I did not get to it first. Then I saw her a few minutes later minus the tray and backtracked until I found it. Yea!

Lastly this beast of a mirror. The frame is wood, and the edging on the mirror is made of wrought iron. Hence the nickname beast because it is very heavy. I plan on replacing my current mirror in the foyer with this but because it is so heavy, I need to make sure I have the right hardware before hanging it up.

Now the Styling!

A trick I use often is placing a one-dimensional piece on a stand. It immediately becomes a statement piece that can be used anywhere in your home. I chose the dining room, but it could have gone on a side table, shelf. kitchen counter etc.

For now, I am using these as bookends, but I reserve the right to use them as shelves in the future.

I placed the vases on the buffet in my dining room and the colors go perfectly with the painting and the buffet.

I am excited about projects I am currently working on and can’t wait to share them with you all!

New Year Refresh!

What is it about the New Year that drives us to want to purge, reorganize and update our surroundings? Didn’t we have 365 days prior to the New Year to accomplish this?

Well, I am no different than anyone else. I too have fallen victim to the “New Year” need for change!

I started last week by organizing my Christmas decorations and the crawl space they will be stored in. If that was not enough, I also tackled a catch-all closet in the basement and this week I am working on the drawers in the buffet in my family room.

The buffet organization has been on my list ever since I changed the top drawer to a charging station and stuffed everything from that drawer in the others with no rhyme or reason. Over the course of the next few months, they only got worse.

With items from Good Will and Amazon I got to work!

I don’t usually show the inside of my drawers to just anyone. I am also pretty sure I have had nightmares about this, but you are like family so here it is!

Like I said, it was haphazardly thrown into the drawer.

The bottom drawer had all my exercise equipment and tapes.

This drawer is one of the worst. It seems like everything we did not know what to do with ended up in here.

I looked on Amazon for drawer organizers. I found a set of six wooden ones for $60. That was more than I wanted to spend so I went to Good Will.

I visited two Good Will stores and found these boxes at the second one. I couldn’t believe my luck. They were almost exactly like the ones on Amazon, but each of boxes came with a bonus liner. There were five in total. Three smaller boxes and two larger. The smaller ones were priced at $2.99 a piece and the larger were $3.99. The total was $16.95. Much better than $60 on Amazon. Another Good Will score!

The liner looks like it says Teleflora and they were probably used for flower arrangements. Whatever they were used for, having a liner will make it easy to clean and keep the boxes from getting marked up.

I wasn’t sure about the color, but they looked great!

I put the liners in and they were ready to be filled up.

They worked perfectly. The only problem was when I shut the drawer they slid forward.

I found these rubber tabs and put them on the bottom. Voila, no more sliding.

I put games in the bottom drawer where my exercise equipment was and moved the exercise stuff to the laundry room.

I finally sorted through the drawer with everything that you don’t know what to do with and was left with batteries, lint brush and flashlights. Yeah!

After weeding through everything in the buffet, I was left with a bunch of cards and needed something to store them in. I saw this organizer on Amazon and ordered it.

The box had five holders for cards. I used one for birthday cards, another for note cards and a third for miscellaneous cards. I put my address book, stamps, and address labels in the other two holders.

Maybe now I will get my birthday cards out on time!

Tips On How To Organize And Store Christmas Decor!

Happy New Year everyone!

I am back from my hiatus, refreshed and ready to start 2023 with a bang!

A top priority for me is organization. It was very difficult for me to decorate for Christmas this year because all my decorations were in various spaces around the house. After our house renovation, there was drywall dust still lingering and it made it difficult for me to go into our crawl space or the basement because of my allergies. This left my husband and sons the task of putting away the Christmas decorations last year (which I was very grateful for) but it resulted in me not knowing where anything was. I ended up opening a lot of boxes searching for items. Some I found, and others I did not.

This actually set the stage for a Christmas organization that I have been dreaming about for a long time. I know other people dream of exotic places with half naked men or women serving them Pina Coladas. I dream of organized spaces with everything labeled. Problem, I am not sure, Freud might have a field day, but it makes me happy!

This is the crawl space I was talking about that we gained from the addition. You can see how haphazard everything is. It is a large dry space that is perfect for storing items we do not use every day. My plan is to pull everything out of the crawl space and organize each box. When I am done, I will know what is in each box and have a designated area to store them grouped as seasonal, household, outdoors etc.

When I was decorating this wreath for the window in my dining room, I had trouble finding everything I needed. I usually store picks, battery powered lights, and ribbon separately. Which is fine, but I had to go through all the boxes in order to find what I needed.

To store it this year, first, I took everything off the wreath.

Then I took the picks and battery powered lights and put each in individual plastic bags.

I then placed the wreath along with the other items in a storage bag.

Closed the bag.

I bought this instamatic camera to help with my organization I (you will see what I mean in a minute). It takes a picture and spits it out instantly. Some of you might remember these when they were popular before we had color printers and cameras on our phones. They can still be pretty useful even today!

And finally put a photo I took from my instamatic camera on the outside of the bag. It shows me exactly what and where it was the previous year.

Next on list were the rest of the decorations in the family room and dining room.

I broke down the chandelier first separating each of the items and repeated the process with the other vignettes placing all the pieces on the dining room table.

I put the smaller items in plastic bags.

I placed the larger pieces on the bottom of a tote then filled it with the rest until everything was loaded.

Prior to breaking everything down I took pictures of each vignette with my instamatic camera. I took the pictures and tucked them inside a photo album sheet and taped it to the side of the bin.

It took longer than it usually does to break down my decorations but next year I hope it not only makes finding the decorations easier but putting them away as well. I guess we will find out next year!

I still have the front room where the Christmas tree and mantle are. I will tackle that next week because I want to enjoy the Christmas tree for one more week.

Decorating A Christmas Chandelier!

I tried doing the chandelier last week while my mother-in-law and husband were there. Both of them were watching me while I worked which is fine with me, but the deafening silence was telling me that they did not like it. To be honest neither did I! I took it all down and did not touch it again until Tuesday morning at 2:30 am. I couldn’t sleep and decided to decorate the chandelier. It was quiet and I was by myself. A perfect time to do it. I know, I know, this seems like a repeat of last week!

I actually enjoyed the solitude. I was tired the rest of the day, but it was done, and mother-in-law and spouse gave it a thumbs up!

The chandelier

The picks I used were long and drapey.

I used floral wire to attach them to the chandelier.

I wrapped greenery ties around the wire to hide them.

Because the greenery was long it was easy to cover each arm.

I used only four picks to cover all five arms of the chandelier.

I had these beautiful pinecone swags that sparkled and thought they would look great.

After adding the pinecones, I wound ribbon all around the arms of the chandelier.

Finally adding berries to the top for color.

The finished product! I love the simplicity of it!!

Entryway Refresh Before The Holidays!

A couple weeks ago for whatever reason I decided to repaint my entryway, and I don’t mean a touch up here and there I mean change the color. I have a beautiful gray-beige color in my front room called Doeskin and wanted to use a complementary color in the entryway. I took myself to Home Depot and picked out Nightingale Gray which was lighter than the Doeskin and Ottertail which was much darker. I painted squares of each on the entryway wall and left it overnight. In the morning I decided I liked the Ottertail which contrasted better with the white moldings and doors. Using the sample, I painted one wall and the treads going up the stairs. This is not how I usually do painting; I take my time and live with the sample squares seeing how they look in daytime and night sometimes taking weeks to decide. I was locked in at this point and needed to paint the rest of the entryway to make a final decision. I went back to Home Depot got a gallon of Ottertail and painted the entire entryway. Guess what? I did not like it!

At this point I started to panic not only did my husband and I have a trip planned to New York City but the holidays were right around the corner. What had I been thinking!

After talking myself down I was able to put it out of my mind while my husband and I took our trip and had a wonderful time. However, when I returned home, I had to face the music and decide what to do.

I liked the dark color in some areas of the entryway where the contrast was very striking but not others like the painted stair treads. It took some repainting walls, stairs and why not throw the ceiling in as well but in the end, I liked the results.

Will I do this ever again? I would like to say no but I know myself and the name of my blog is “Impulsively Creative” after all!

Let’s check out what I did!

This is Ottertail by Behr I told you it was dark.

The stair treads. It looked good to start but was too dark at the end.

I forgot about the French doors. I wanted more of a contrast, so I repainted those as well.

I tried taping the glass, but it took too long.

Much easier to scrape after.


I tinted the ceiling paint with Absolute Zero by Behr. I have done this in my Front room, laundry room, powder room and pantry and love it. When you first put it on it is pretty drastic but once the entire ceiling is painted you really can’t tell. I love painting the ceiling it gives it softer look compared to the stark white.

Recap of what I did. Repainted stair treads back to original color, painted all the walls in entryway Ottertail except the wall going upstairs, the wall on side of stairs and the wall leading into the kitchen from the entryway.

Painting that corner where the dark and light paint meet was a bear but the dark on the doorway to the kitchen just wasn’t right.

I purchased these corbels at the “Purple Painted Lady a couple years ago and finally found a place for them. The shelf is perfect for the space it breaks up the wall color but does not intrude upon entering the house. I chose this artwork because it needed color and I happen to love both prints.

I told my husband this is the mom at the park enjoying the day.

This is the mom at the end of the day after daughter is in bed everything is done for the next day, and she is too exhausted to even read. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Architectual Salvage Finds In New York And New Jersey!

My husband’s high school, Brooklyn Tech, had a banquet last weekend that we attended. We decided to take advantage of the long Veteran’s Day weekend and travel to the New York metro area right after work on Thursday which meant we had all day Friday and Saturday to play! We could have gone to see a play or visited a museum, but we decided to go to Architectual Salvage places instead. My husband and I love to visit these “shops” and have done so in many places, but never in the New York City area. We were curious to see what we would find and if there were any bargains to be had.

We visited a few places but were blown away by two in particular, Amighini Architectural in Jersey City, NJ and the other one was Old Iron in Brooklyn, NY. Both were amazing in their own right, but the juxtaposition between the two was amazing.

Let me show you what I mean!

Our hotel was in New Jersey, so we started here.

It took us a while to find it, but the minute we drove up I knew it was going to be special.

This beautiful wrought iron fence is what greets you when you arrive.

When you come around the corner it is set up like a courtyard. There are two gorgeous urns on elegant pedestals with stunning tile leading to an amazing door! I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe how beautiful it was, and we weren’t even inside yet!

This is on the left when you walk in. Look at that detail.

This door is bigger than the front of my house and would never work in a million years, but one can dream!

The fireplace is made of stone with hand carved features. It seemed almost sinful to have brooms and such leaning on it.

Again, would not work in my house but WOW! Where art thou Juliet?

The sun came out right as this came into my sightline and took my breath away. But then I looked up!

Up above me in the rafters were these huge stained-glass domes. Just like the window light was filtering in and words cannot even describe the beauty of it. I imagine these must have been in churches, old theatres, cathedrals etc. I am just glad someone saved them.

They also had an office area with decorative items set up in vignettes.

I stepped over to look at this marble table and saw another table that made my heart stop.

On the table were dozens of architectural wooden trim pieces. I immediately thought of the door I am transforming to look like a French Antique mirror. Having these detailed pieces would take it to the next level.

We looked around for someone to help us and were pointed to a gentleman who was very sweet but spoke very little English. We managed to convey our message that we were looking for pricing on the trim pieces. He explained that the pieces are normally used for refurbishing their pieces and he did not have pricing. He had to call someone else, and she spoke only Italian. She then had to check with someone else and get back to us. She finally got back with a price of over two thousand dollars. We told them that this was out of our price range. The gentleman who was helping us was trying to get a better price for us which he did, one thousand two hundred dollars. At this point we did not want to offend anyone and simply said we appreciated the work they are doing and the time they gave us but would not be able to purchase the items. They were very gracious and appreciative of our words.

I can sincerely say that I was not disappointed. The beauty and grandeur of the place is something we will never forget.

Salvaging part two: Siegel style

The second place we visited was the total opposite of the first. Here we would have to dig for our finds there were no vignettes anywhere to be found. But that was okay because we like to dig!

My rules of salvaging: take your time, lift and sift through everything, go through more than once, and think outside the box.

Also be realistic about how much work you are willing to put in. A perfect example are these iron newel posts. Refinishing them would take a lot of work. But if you can commit, the end result would be amazing!

When I first looked in this area, I saw old sinks but look past the sinks against the wall.

Look at this gate! There was no way of getting it home or anywhere to put it at my house, but like the other place, a girl can dream!

When we come back, I would really like to get a wrought iron gate for my garden. There were a lot of smaller ones to choose from.

This looks like trash but there is some good stuff in here. Next to the dresser is a table, on the small rectangular table is a small trunk for storage and in the back is wood and hopefully some decorative trim pieces.

I found this antique bed behind some other items. I loved it and purchased it for our guestroom.

I found this wrought iron full bed on Etsy for $895 dollars. I paid $100 for mine. I would say that is a good deal!

Here is another diamond in the rough. The table has beautiful details it just needs a glass top and the bottom repaired.

My next purchase: I have been looking for a plant stand for our patio. I love the shape and the rust.

I found this one on Etsy for $169 plus shipping. I paid $40 and like mine much better.

I am happy to report that we were able to find architectural trim pieces for the door I am transforming into an antique French mirror. It will take some work to clean up but it all cost $40 instead of $1, 200.

It was such a fun trip. I hope we get to do it again soon!

Making Christmas Ornaments Using Iron Orchid Designs And Redesign Prima Moulds!

I had so much fun making Christmas ornaments in 2021 that I wanted to do it again in 2022! I still need to make more clothespin snowflake ornaments to fill in the tree, but I also want to try making ornaments out of resin using moulds from Iron Orchids Design and Redesign Prima.

These are the two Iron Orchid Design Moulds I will be using, Birdsong, and Baubles. Both have the makings for beautiful ornaments!

The picture I took of my Re-Design with Prima Jewel Snowflake Mould did not come out and since I am away writing this post, I cannot take a new one. Later in the post there is a picture of it making a mould. Sorry about that!

I have used Amazing Resin and their casting mold to replace pieces of trim on furniture. I was surprised at how easy it was to use.

To start I poured equal parts of bottle A and bottle B in separate cups.

Then I mixed them together to start activation.

I stirred until it was clear.

It starts working right away so don’t take too long to get it into the moulds.

When it turns completely white it is done.

It pops right out.

Really cool!

Make more resin, pour more moulds, create more ornaments!

When you remove the ornament, it is recommended to put a base coat of paint for better adhesion of finishes later.

I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

Amazing detail!

My Re-Design with Prima Jewel Snowflake Mould.


Look at all the possibilities! I really had no direction, so I played!

Here is what I played with.

I started with Mod Padge because ornaments need glitter.

I did not want to cover the detail, so I applied the Mod Podge in certain areas.

Then I sprinkled Iridescent Glitter on.

I brushed off the excess.

Now for the detail. I used Re-Design Decor Wax in silver.

Love it!

Next were the Jewel Snowflakes. I have wanted to try Annie Sloan Pearlescent Glaze for a while. I thought it would give the snowflakes a soft glow.

I put on two coats.

The glaze not only gave it a subtle glow, it brought out the details as well.

I will definitely be using this glaze again!

I had yet to make a really shiny ornament, so I went silver with my birds.

I painted both birds using Re-Design Decor Wax in silver.

Then let it snow glitter!

For these ornaments I wanted to try an old-world look. I painted them with Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral.

Once it dried, I applied ArtMinds white wax then wiped it off.

It almost looks like stone or aged wood.

In the end I decided I wanted glitter. The four on the right have iridescent glitter and the two on the left have fine silver glitter.

I can’t wait to add these to my Christmas tree this year!

To hang the ornaments, I will hot glue small ring picture holders (see picture below) on then I can slip the hook through.

Antique French Mirror Hack!

Have you ever seen one of those beautiful floor mirrors pictured in French country dining rooms. I did and have wanted one ever since, but with prices that range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. I will not be buying one of those. But that doesn’t mean I can’t create my own!

With this in mind I started to look for a piece to transform. I knew it would need to be tall, already have a mirror or a place to put one and have plenty of room to add embellishments. I looked on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist not really knowing what I was looking for but would know when I saw it.

Facebook Marketplace came through for me. I found an old antique closet door with a beveled mirror and to top it off the door had already been stripped. Halleluiah!

I am not going to lie, there is a lot of work to be done, but I am ready to take on the challenge. It’s what I do!

These are the type of mirrors I was talking about.

My door from Facebook Marketplace. It has a lot of potential; solid wood, already has molding around the mirror and plenty of room for embellishments.

I am going to put molding all around the outside of door to make it look like a frame.

I also purchased molds by Redesign with Prima to create embellishments using resin.

I am really excited to see what I can do with this door! See you next week for more progress!

Refinishing French Armchairs Using Chalk Paint To Create A Faux Wood Finish: Part 1

In previous blogs I have mentioned stripping six French dining chairs and the amount of work it took. I was so burned out by the experience that it took two years to even contemplate refinishing the armchairs that were part of the set. I took them out of storage and had them sitting in my office for a week and knew I still wasn’t ready to go through the whole stripping process again. But I had to do something because I really disliked the color of the wood.

I wanted a wood finish without the work, so I turned to chalk paint. I had created a faux wood finish on a half-circle table in the past and decided to give that a try again.

First, I painted the chair with two coats of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint and two coats of French Linen Chalk Paint.

Next, I used Waverly Antique Wax and water to make a wash.

I applied the wash using a paint brush to create lines giving it the look of wood graining.

The combination of the antique wax and the chalk paint underneath create movement like you see in real wood.

You can see the lines from the brush strokes.

I let the antique wax dry overnight.

I really like the color it’s so rich and best of all no red tones.

I am using Annie Sloan clear and white wax.

After putting a thin coat of clear wax, I applied thick coat of the white.

The white wax is definitely lightening the color. You can see the difference in the back leg to the front.

It is definitely looking like real wood, but I still need to play around some more to get exactly what I want. Which leads us to part two of the French armchairs!

Below are some fabrics I am thinking about to recover the chairs. I would love your feedback to help me make a decision.

Fabric 1

Fabric 2

Fabric 3

Fabric 4

Next week more progress on the chairs and hopefully you’ve help me make a decision on a fabric choice!